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What happens when a wonderful, artistic wife and mother of 5 wants some classy, modern planters but they cost $1,000 each? Her husband the brain doctor, his father the metallurgist, and his 8 year-old son (looking for a raise in his allowance) work together to make some beautiful modern garden beds. They turn out so well they decide to sell them so the 8 year-old can save for college and learn about money and hard work. From our home to yours.



Dad of 5, neurologist, lifetime learner, charity owner.



Pro photographer, gardener, and amazing mom of 5.  Takes all official photos for site.


Co-Founder & Part-Time Ninja

Ky is 8 years old, big brother to 4 others, and entrepreneur extraordinaire.  He loves science, tech, soccer, & the outdoors.  When not helping make metal planters, he volunteers feeding the homeless with his mom.


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